As I like everybody like screencasts, I fiddled with Istanbul. Seems it has some problems recording my desktop. My guess is, it’s because of my ati pci-express videocard that wasn’t supported when I configured my X. Congrats to the team of Istanbul, I like your product. It makes screencasting really simple, and It even records in Theorra. What could a guy want more 🙂 (hmmm, maybe sound?). In combination with java applet of the fluendo guys that really makes a kick ass combo for doing demo’s and tutorials. As the people over here are also giving demo’s and tutorials I’ll show them the nice features of the opensource applications and who knows maybe they’ll even buy support.

I really need to follow up on my videocard support, maybe by now it is supported and I can run Xgl without my X crashing after 5 minutes 🙂

Eclipse Callisto

As some of you might know, there is a new version of eclipse out. Well together with that version came some other eclipse projects. One of them was BIRT (Business Intelligence And Reporting Tools) well I think it’s really amazing. If you don’t believe me checkout this screencast and tell me I’m wrong!! Actually funny as at the moment we are doing a Crystal Reports integration and I had mentioned Jasper Reports here (an java opensource reporting tool), guess they have a strong competitor on the market. Let’s hope they push eachother to the limits and the community will only benefit from it!! To bad we still are working here with Crystal Reports, believe me I’m trying to convert everybody to opensource.

my bad, callisto is the name of all the projects combined 🙂

Totally unrelated, I’ve been very very busy the last couple of weeks. I’m trying to get my needed capital to start my own sweet BVBA or better EVBA. On saturday I hope to get the approval for renting a nice 2 bedroom appartment in Leuven. If everything goes well, I’ll be having a lot more spare time in a few months and I can finally can help some projects I like but don’t satisfy my needs at the moment. I maybe sound stupid but I always get the feeling I’m not doing enough for the oss, I’m spreading it everywhere I come, I submit bugreports, now and then a small patch nothing fancy yet. I even set myself a goal “for every company I’ll work for, I have to at least introduce 1 opensource project”. But I hope to have achieved much more in a year from now, probably one of the first projects I’m going to take a look at is Diva. If you don’t know Diva go check it out!!