Video editing in Linux

I like many people always had problems with doing video editing on Linux. A couple of weeks ago I found the openshot video editor . I haven’t done much with it, but it looks very promossing. I’ll start using it for building my future screencasts and video’s. As soon as they are available I’ll post a link to them on this site.

What I’ve done so far is adding a couple of video’s and doing picture in picture view of the 2 movies. I can’t rememeber if I could do that using Pitivi or Kino. Another nice feature was the inclusion of a transparant PNG file, I would then put it in the bottom have of the picture and you could add some text underneath a movie (like they do in the news). It gave it a nice touch.

The only minor thing was the exporting of the video. I found it not that clear, on the other hand I’m no video guru so I might have to brush up on that. However I do think that somebody who knows nothing at all about video’s and codecs’ will have a difficult time creating the end result.

Keep you posted on my adventures 🙂