gnome fonts

In my spare time I always use gnome, but during the day I have to use microsoft. (Client Company policy) One thing that was always bizarre was the fact that in my day job my computer is running at 1200×1024 and my laptop is running 1440×900. But I always had the feeling my windows maching could display more on a smaller screen. So I started looking around in my ubuntu menu’s and I found a configuration under System -> Preferences -> fonts (It was in dutch so I’m not sure if this is the actual translation but should be something like this)

I included a before and after screenshot, just like at the amount of information that is displayed on my screen now. I’m back a happy hacker 🙂

before the update

after the update

the font menu
font menu

I updated the font size and set it to 8 instead of 10, Appearantly if you change the dpi settings you can do something similar but I don’t know the exact difference between the 2 (I now what they mean but don’t know exactly what impact they have on the system.)