Bejug ??? Why would I ???

Today I received an email from Javapolis. They were starting advertising the upcoming new Javapolis event. On the site they also mentioned there new Javapolis DVD that was available for purchase. I noticed this was an effort from Bejug. So I got interested as I’m a Java developer 🙂

Now what do you get for paying 100 euro’s to join the Bejug. They have 3 workshops per year and … Well nothing actually. You still have to pay for Javapolis and for SpringOne. Please people explain me, why would I join??? If I compare it to the Linux User Group in Leuven, they have 2 workshops a month and you pay 10 euro’s a month.
I would rather start my own Jug and do the same as the Lug of Leuven. Anybody up for it ?

Quicksilver on Linux

Another thing that got mentioned on the user group was the lack of a Quicksilver copy for Linux. As I find it hard to believe this didn’t exist for Gnome, I searched a bit and it seems Deskbar is doing this kind of stuff. I just put it on my top menu and I think I’m gonna use it a lot. It really looks nice, eve the plugin is nice.

Probably it will add a lot of extra load on your network with all the web calls it does. But hey I don’t have any limit so … 😛

Ubuntu getting momentum

Today I joined a small Java user group meeting. We discussed DWR and GWT. I already had investigated a bit both toolkits, I even used DWR in an application for a customer. The session still was interesting, although I knew most things. But there was one thing that was remarkable. Last time this user group was held, I was the only one who actually was using Linux on a daily basis (all my systems here are on Ubuntu, all my servers are running some flavor of Linux).

But today it seemed that more guys switched to Ubuntu. They preferred it over Windows. Okay, I know these guys are also programmers, and have some level of geekness. But they weren’t using it half a year ago, so there is momentum. Maybe not yet as mainstream as we would like, but Rome wasn’t build in a day either. And hey you can bet if a friend of these guys asks him to help him with computer trouble they will start advising Ubuntu over Windows. I can’t even count the number of computers I had to fix due to some kind of spy-ware. And I really am getting sick of it, and so will these guys probably.


Switch from hunderbird back to Evolution …

Today I switched my default mail client back from Thunderbird to Evolution.

I installed Beagle and I want all my mails to be indexed for searching. I lost 10 minutes searching for a stupid mail today (yeah, it’s really stupid heaving 5 large mailboxes that you use frequently)

After installing I started replying some emails and I noticed that my Nautilus mounted SSH folders were included in the add attachments screen. sweet The Thunderbird version didn’t have that option and that was pretty stupid. I had to copy the files locally and then attach them 🙁

I did notice however that the response off Thunderbird is much better than Evolution, but hey at my customer I’m have to use M$ Outlook so I’m glad when I’m back at my office using Evo.

I also stopped using Amsn, I also fully switched to Gaim. Okay the integration with the MSN messenger service isn’t as good as Amsn but Gaim also gets indexed by Beagle. I was already using Gaim for my Jabber and Gmail friends but not yet for my MSN friends. So you guys are now on my Gaim list and are being indexed 😀

You get the point, my whole entry is about indexing. Lets see how much more efficient I get in the future.

On a side note, I now seem to have my spelling checker enabled in Firefox. So I’ll pay more attention on my writing skills as some of you seem to have problems with my bad English!