As I like everybody like screencasts, I fiddled with Istanbul. Seems it has some problems recording my desktop. My guess is, it’s because of my ati pci-express videocard that wasn’t supported when I configured my X. Congrats to the team of Istanbul, I like your product. It makes screencasting really simple, and It even records in Theorra. What could a guy want more 🙂 (hmmm, maybe sound?). In combination with java applet of the fluendo guys that really makes a kick ass combo for doing demo’s and tutorials. As the people over here are also giving demo’s and tutorials I’ll show them the nice features of the opensource applications and who knows maybe they’ll even buy support.

I really need to follow up on my videocard support, maybe by now it is supported and I can run Xgl without my X crashing after 5 minutes 🙂

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