Zarafa – ms exchange replacement

As I’m always looking for a product that can compare ms exchange I found a nice post in my rss reader. It talked about the Zarafa product. It’s not opensource but at least it runs on Linux. The company behind is also contributing to openmapi .

I think I’m gonna test the development version. Maybe you can even use the exchange sync feature many phones have these days. At the moment I have a blackberry I like the fact that all my mail gets send on my device, but I miss the feature that my contact,tasks,… are synced

Anybody have any experience with this product ?

Linux dual desktop

Running Linux on my main workstation : check

Using dual desktop on Linux : check

Having a good experience : fail

I’m not sure what graphics card I have in my main workstation (I believe NVIDIA), I know it has 512 mb memory. That should be enough to power 2 24″ screens. (Or so I think). If I drag windows around it feels slow. (BTW I can’t use compiz).

Does anybody have a dual desktop setup in Linux that works really well? Preferably with compiz enabled on both screens ? Please let me know, I’m sure Linux can also kick MS ass in this field I just need the correct setup or correct video card.


I’ve been reading a lot about flex lately. I’ve even done some small applications (even 2 for some customers.) I have to say, the more I use it, the more I like it. I know there are major drawbacks to using it. But in the end if you have to build an application that’s not available for the public why not build it in Flex.

One thing I don’t understand is : why isn’t there more support for handheld devices? I know that adobe is pushing support for handheld devices, but why isn’t it widely adopted yet? I understand that microsoft will try to push their Silverlight stuff first, but vendors like Nokia,HTC,RIM , why don’t these guys start introducing it onto their smart phones? Okay that you don’t put it on a regular phone, but on your high end models it should be possible?

Anybody got an idea if it runs on the freerunner or the nokia tablet?