Hotmail another bogus MS product

Lately a lot of my friends (who are not It people) send emails to our group of friends. Because they all use msn and hotmail, they sent it to my hotmail account. Because I have hotmail,gmail,jabber,… accounts I use Pidgin (formerly gaim) to do my chatting. This off course works perfectly. But I can’t see how many messages are in my email inbox (hmm, note feature to check if available). So today I quickly wanted to forward my hotmail mails to my own domain. Well really, you should try doing that … Really try it, I mean it!

In your webmail (hotmail live, piece of crap) you have options -> more options. There is an option forward to other email. If you read the comment, forward your email to other hotmail,msn or custom domains. So I inserted my own email address. Receiving the error that it wasn’t valid. So after reading the help, it stated that custom domains are not microsoft domains managed by microsoft (prolly something like you can do with google domain apps).

Hmm, no go. Then I started downloading some opensource tools (thunderbird extension,gotmail script,…) all couldn’t get the mail. Then I even tried getting it using gmail, still no go.

So in the end I have to say, what a piece of crap product is this. Compare this to google, google offers you pop3 imap to gmail, forwarding of emails even sms notification I believe (I only use this for my calendar and its free!!!! 😛 ) The webmail client of gmail is much better than the dog slow windows application. So tell me, if someone is asking you to make a new email address for him. Please consider before you lock yourself in like I did many many years ago. If only I had known 🙁

Any suggestions as how I can fix this ??? (And no I don’t want to delete my hotmail address, a lot of my friends have pictures from their events on it and prolly I can’t log in anymore) I’m even considering setting up a vmware with outlook express with a rule to forward to my imap box :s but thats really a big stupid work around imho. So … ??

Thnx sch3lp (again) 🙂
But I found a feature in pidgin that displays how many messages are in my inbox. It works for Gmail and hotmail, you just got to love those developers 🙂

Asterisk problems

A couple of months ago I upgraded my trixbox to 2.2. I now had the problem that when I called out or someone called in, as soon as the other party answered the call was disconnected. While tracing asterisk with the -gccc option I didn’t find any trace of errors. Today I finally got 10 minutes to spare and got reminded that this feature wasn’t working.

After tracing with -gcc and also the asterisk system log file I got this error message :

Unable to find a codec translation path from g729 to ulaw

After googling it , I was reminded that g729 was actually not installed by default and that you needed to purchase it. So in my config I removed that codecs from my allowed entries. After testing it a couple of times it now seems to work again. So back to happy asterisking 🙂

Reason why I got reminded was that a friend asked what this new Oracle product was, he said it was something like Asterisk. So after checking it out, it seems to be more like a full Communication Server (like the Windows product). But then again, there is probably also an Asterisk version where you can have video conferencing,… (the integration with SugarCRM is already available …)

Wii multitouch

When I was checking my rss feeds, I came across the following post. This is really amazing. I’ve seen some cool things that people did with the Nintendo wii, but this beats everything. Everyone who is a bit of a technology freak should really see this.

Now I’m really sure I’m gonna buy a Nintendo wii. Maybe schools should investigate this as well as it probably is much cheaper than those smart boards.

Thnx sch3lp
seems my link is timing he supplied me with the youtube vide over here

32bits with 8 gig RAM

I was installing a new server with 8 gig RAM. (I’ll be using it as a vm box) After installation I did free and noticed that only 3.3 gig of physical RAM was found, hmm very strange. After talking to Bert he gave me a nice command I never heared off (dmidecode) . This gives you all kinds of hardware information. I was always using cat /proc/meminfo and free for my memory.

dmidecode displayed 2 x 2 gig. Hmm even odd, checked the invoice but it said 2 x 4 gig. They told me that it could be because I installed a 32 bit Linux. But I remembered reading in the Kernel book that Linux 32 bit could handle more. They had built something called HIGHMEM. But it seems that either the PAE or the HIGHMEM feature aren’t enabled by default. So after a reinstalling my box with a 64 bit Linux everything works fine.

Learned something again : if your box has more than 4 gig of memory, just choose 64 bit otherwise it’ll probably be wasted.