First days with fitbit

Yesterday was the first day I was wearing my fitbit. After the first day the results have come in. What can I say …? Well I pickup more calories than I burn. This means I’ll have to change a couple of things in my life. I’ll try to increase the number of steps per day. Yesterday was a pretty active day but I only reached 6000 steps. Still 4000 to go / day to reach the 10.000 you have to reach / day.

Tomorrow is the first workday again. Let’s see how many steps I take per day. In general I work behind a computer so it could be disappointing. Luckily I have to talk to a lot of people to get all the necessary information to let the team continue.

Let’s see how fast I can get my weight down again. It went up slowly but steadily the last couple of years. Goals is to lose some KG by the end of the year. The idea is to also put up some fitness material once we have moved to our new house.

I’ll post progress on regular basis. See it as a technological experiment to see if the fitbit actually helps me. Who knows I might even buy the scale.

ABUG 6 – Real World Git Workflows

bamboo 5

Tomorrow it’s ABUG-6. This time me and koen will be doing a short presentation on bamboo 5. I’m actually looking forward to it because I haven’t seen this user friendly deploy cycle in a build environment yet.

I’ve done my fear share of building pipelines in Jenkins and other CI environments. But I haven’t found a descent plugin / extension to do this.I have to say that the guys at Atlassian have taken an interesting approach. I for one like it. I still have to work some more with it.

However in other areas the competitors are still somewhat better, question off course is : Do you need those features or not.