Linux phone / pda

Does anybody know a Linux based phone that you can actually use to phone,sms and that has a wifi connection? (current openmoko can’t sms yet AFAIK)

The guys over at openmoko are almost there, but they don’t have the wifi support in there current product. The next release should include the wifi connection. I was just wondering if anybody knows such a phone please do let me know?

Windows vs Linux

I was wondering if Linux finally will break through. Now HP also started offering Linux computers it won’t take long before all major computer vendors all will be offering Linux computers IMHO.

I’m pro Linux and I do think it is a better OS than Windows but I’m just wondering if it will gain more market share. And if it does if the reason will be that it is free,better,… or just because MS dropped the ball with Vista … If you look at the news sites, you get a lot of messages saying people want to downgrade back to XP. I wonder how the IT world will look the next couple of years.

As much as I’m pro Linux I actually don’t hope that MS will get broken down (like SCO). You might think ‘WTF’ but from my point of view MS doesn’t create that bad tools. I for one am pro VS.NET, I really like it as an IDE. In my dayjob I’m a JEE developer but at night I put on my black cape and mask and develop dotnet solutions for customers. You might ask why ? But the answer is actually very very simple. I yet have to find a tool that let’s me create a solution as quick as VS.NET. So if Linux will prevail (I do hope so) I actually also hope MS will become a tools vendor on the Linux platform and make there dotnet environment fully Linux compliant.

In short let’s just all live happily together 😀

IBM Lotus Symphony

As most people probably know by now, IBM has released Lotus Symphony. But what’s the idea behind it? Okay it’s based on the Eclipse RCP, supports ODF and is free (not sure if it’s opensource). The also announced thy are backing Openoffice but why create a new office suite if you already support one? Why not focus on Openoffice, maybe even create a paid version (like the do with Eclipse and WSAD)? That would make more sense to me … Anybody got some more information on this ?


My server was making a lot of noise, after inspection it seemed the fan on the videocard was making the noise. As it is a headless server that I use as vmware server I thought just unplug the stupid fan you don’t use the graphics card. It booted and noise was gone, whoeray!!
When I came back from our soccer game the server was down. (Not to worry this is an inhouse development server) I tried to reboot but nothing. I unplugged it, replugged it and started it. Sparks were shooting out of my videocard. As I still have an onboard card, I unplugged it and rebooted. Now everything works fine but now I lost one graphics card 🙁


Hey guys,

I have to admit it’s been a while. But here I am again 😀

Today I saw this post on the serverside. And I have only one word for it Alleloeja.

Just look at this piece of code

import com.jinvoke.JInvoke;
import com.jinvoke.NativeImport;

public class Example {
public static native int MessageBox(int hwnd, String text, String caption, int type);

public static void main(String[] args) {
MessageBox(0, "This MessageBox is a native Win32 MessageBox", "Caption", 0);

Why did it take this long to actually do this?

In C# you could do this right from the start. Well beter late than never probably?