Traceback SPAM

Dag and have been talking about comments and tracebacks.

I myself use WordPress and also get a lot of SPAM in my comments, be it traceback or actual comments. But WordPress has the Askimet plugin, you can run it over your pending comments and the SPAM will be mostly filtered out. Don’t you have that feature for Drupal?? Kinda hard to believe it’s not available.

Anyone comments about using WordPress or Drupal. I want to make the switch as I’m somewhat of a patriot and want a new Blog to play with 🙂

Switching back to thunderbird

On my windows and mac machines I’m using Thunderbird but on my Linux machines I was using Evolution but after a lot of crashes and latency with my Imap store I switched also to Thunderbird. I have to say I’m glad I did, everything seems to working much better now.

Wonder why evolution is still the preferred mail client for gnome as I have the feeling that Thunderbird is a much better product?