Finally able to send and receive mails from inside Linux without fuss

After I installed Debian 6 testing I thought “Lets search for exchange support again”. I do this on a regular basis I still have to face Exchange a lot. (unfortunately)

I found evolution-ews (exchange web services). So I tried installing it, no problems.I added a new account using EWS. I put in the link to our exchange server and withint a couple of minutes my mail was synced with my laptop. I can now send receive mails within my Gnome 3 desktop without the need for booting a vmware with Windows and Outlook.

Ok I still don’t see my calendar, but I do see my my mail coming and I can send,reply,attach,… without fuss.

Thanks guys behind Evolution.This will save a lot of time on my end.

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  1. You could always try davmail. It acts as bridge between exchange and open protocols (POP, IMAP, SMTP, Caldav, LDAP, …)
    With davmail, I can (in thunderbird) lookup people’s email, invite them for a meeting, check their availability, see my own and other’s calendars and even send/receive mail…

    1. Actually I used this for a while. I think I posted it somewhere. But this means you have to fire up davmail first and then start your email client. Also I noticed that the integration with contacts isn’t always performing as expected. With evolution you get a one stop shop for this.

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