Asterisk + Ekiga

Yesterday evening I finalized my home voip network. I had bought some credits from weepee. And now I can call using my trixbox and ekiga 🙂 This week my voip telephone should arrive, so then I’m fully setup.

Here’s in short what I did to get all this working

  • Purchase account
  • Download Trixbox vmware image
  • Download vmware server (with keys)
  • Boot the trixbox and configure network
  • Configure an extension for yourself to connect to
  • configure a trunk to connect to the account
  • configure an outgoing route for the provided trunk
  • configure Ekiga to connect to your trixbox

Easy, no?

Now when I want to call an outgoing number I prefix the telephone number with 66 and my trixbox knows, hey this should go to weepee and off it goes 🙂

Stay tuned for my little list of how to send faxes using the same account from weepee. It should work with gfax, but didn’t get there last night. Maybe after the weekend 🙂

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  1. Hello

    Ik ben sterk geintresseerd om asterisk te gebruiken met een weepee account.

    Kan u mijn eens uitleggen hoe dit allemaal in zijn werk gaat.

    Ik heb thuis een ubuntu server draaien + nog andere windows PC’s.
    Of moet ik trixbox gebruiken ????

    Mvg Hans Vander Gucht

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