Webdesign using gnome/linux

Yesterday I updated a webdesign I had started a long time ago. It was made a couple of months ago in my vmware/dreamweaver. Yesterday I wanted to do some updates in it, but I didn’t want to use dreamweaver I wanted to do it in Linux.

A while ago I found an entry in my aggregator : webdesign firefox extensions. Among those were aardvark and webdeveloper. Webdeveloper I already had installed but aardvark was new for me. I now can say that those are really nice for doing development. As nowadays html is nothing more than xml and all the gui is done using CSS2, you can restyle a whole website using firefox with those extension.

So if you do any webdevelopment and don’t have these extension, try them. You can use these extension on windows 2, so don’t be shy!!

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