doing client appz

In my day job, I mostly do enterprise java applications. Now I don’t know why, but the most enterprise java jobs I’ve done are all web based. Almost always using the MVC design pattern.

In my spare time, I also write appz both client and web applications. Because I know the most important design patterns, and I know how to implement them in a webapp, it’s rather easy to do a webapp. But for client appz I was always puzzled.

Let me give an example, in the webapp you have certain states where you can store objects that you access. You have the pageContext to store objects that should be only available for the lifetime of that page, request is from you receive the request till you flush your response,your session, as long as the user stays connected,…

But how do you do this in a client app? You only have 1 state, at least in the default appz, I think there maybe some out there where you have more, but lets forget about them.

Here are some design patters for the client (blog by J Aaron) , I’ve done MVC in client programs but not the way he describes them, I’m surely gonna do the next project using one of the described patterns, and the next will start this eveing :), forgot to make an applicatoin for somebody.

Hey I’m a pattern freak 2 🙂 (how many discussion we’ve already got about patterns, it’s really uncountable!) Check out his latest blogs, you’ll see what I mean 😉

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