Zimbra a collaboration suite

I already tried some collaboration suites lik groupware and such, and got my mind set on given zimbra a go. I’ve installed it on a FC4 server install, only had to get on rpm (compat-libstdc++) couldn’t get it from dags repo, but no prob.

So downloaded the tarbal, ran the install, it checked all the dependencies, everything was fine. Wait,wait,wait,… Ok set the admins username. Done… Log in on the admin web gui, add a dummy account. Finished I’ve set up my first zimbra user 🙂

Logged into the webgui using my freshly created user, made some appointments in the shared calendaring. Hmmm, would it be accessible from a client soft. Hmm let’s google the zimbra forum, hmm, wait what’s this a web calendar available. Hmmm, lets see, try my evo. Hmm nope, well I’m running dapper and its an unstable version of evo, let’s try mozilla calendar (as plugin of firefox) Hey what’s that, nice my appointment, let’s edit it, … Error put not supported. Let’s read on in the forum, okay ics calendar editing not yet supported. But what’s this, outlook and sync4j are going to be supported, but only in the NON oss version 🙁

I saw there were a lot of java projects in the source, and it uses a tomcat. Kinda curious what this runs on, I’ll report back later with some screenshots and who know maybe even some reviewing of their code 😉

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