remote sessions using NX

I regularly use NX to do remote desktop style Linux. Normally I use gnome as my main desktop manager. I hadn’t used KDE for a couple of years. I thought, why not give it a go. So I installed it and logged in from my NX session. My first impression was really good. I like gnome for my desktop but it’s not so nice over NX. The fonts are to big, the cursos get’s screwed up (can’t change it with themes either).

Using KDE it all looks better. My fonts are smaller but clearer, my mouse cursor is better. It does seem somewhat smaller. I used it on my main desktop and there it’s ok, but I’ll stick to gnome there. Probably for some appz I’ll start using the KDE version. (e.g. The remote desktop admin looks much nicer).

Anybody else got the same experience with NX ?