Zarafa + z-push + Iphone

In the past I already blogt about connecting my Iphone with my Imap using z-push. This always worked for a couple of hours and then suddenly it died. No idea why my Iphone stopped performing requests, the guy from zarafa didn’t know eighter. Now I’ve setup the full Zarafa with z-push. It has been running for almost a week and it’s still working and syncen every minute. I had expected my battery to be dead within a day, but it lives for almost 2 days. Not good, not at all but I had expected worse.

The nice thing is that I now have my contacts,calendar and mails synced.  Check it out, they’re really cheap in comparison to ms solution and if you have an active sync capable phone you can sync everything. Pretty nice 🙂 In the next release they even support blackberry. This should be a pretty good alternative for companies who already invested a lot of money in microsoft and want a migration path to the opensource world.

If only there was a good opensource alternative for the IPhone. Google phone is not available in Belgium yet and the openmoko just seems to be leaping behind.