Zarafa – ms exchange replacement

As I’m always looking for a product that can compare ms exchange I found a nice post in my rss reader. It talked about the Zarafa product. It’s not opensource but at least it runs on Linux. The company behind is also contributing to openmapi .

I think I’m gonna test the development version. Maybe you can even use the exchange sync feature many phones have these days. At the moment I have a blackberry I like the fact that all my mail gets send on my device, but I miss the feature that my contact,tasks,… are synced

Anybody have any experience with this product ?

Linux dual desktop

Running Linux on my main workstation : check

Using dual desktop on Linux : check

Having a good experience : fail

I’m not sure what graphics card I have in my main workstation (I believe NVIDIA), I know it has 512 mb memory. That should be enough to power 2 24″ screens. (Or so I think). If I drag windows around it feels slow. (BTW I can’t use compiz).

Does anybody have a dual desktop setup in Linux that works really well? Preferably with compiz enabled on both screens ? Please let me know, I’m sure Linux can also kick MS ass in this field I just need the correct setup or correct video card.