Zarafa – ms exchange replacement

As I’m always looking for a product that can compare ms exchange I found a nice post in my rss reader. It talked about the Zarafa product. It’s not opensource but at least it runs on Linux. The company behind is also contributing to openmapi .

I think I’m gonna test the development version. Maybe you can even use the exchange sync feature many phones have these days. At the moment I have a blackberry I like the fact that all my mail gets send on my device, but I miss the feature that my contact,tasks,… are synced

Anybody have any experience with this product ?

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  1. We have at inuits some experience with it (even certified people), if you use only outlook it’s ok but if you want to use some Linux clients using open protocols like imap, it’s a disaster πŸ™

  2. But does it integrate with a windows mobile based phone? They use the xml rpc stuff from exchange (OWA) to retrieve their mails. (The same as outlook does when you connect to it from outside the lan)

  3. I tried zimbra already but wasn’t convinced at that time. Reason I’m highly interested in this thing is the ability to have a conenction with outlook. Once you have that going it will be much easier to transition users to fully ms less office.

    So let’s hope they will start providing good connectors for thunderbird as well. Calendaring can be done using ICal but I haven’t seen the contact plugin yet?

  4. z-push is the project that allows ActiveSync-enabled devices to sync with Zarafa (so, windows mobile, iphone, symbian phones), but you still need a BES server to sync your blackberry

    another option is to use the blackberry desktop synchronizer which works with zarafa also.

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