Hauppauge 500

My mythtv box died, or better said, it can’t detect my hauppage card anymore :(. I moved it to a new PCI slot but lspci didn’t show anything. My best bet it’s dead.

I’ve been looking around for a hauppage 500 card (the one with the dual tunner). But it seems nobody sells them anymore? Does somebody know a dealer who still sells them, or does hauppauge have a new version out with dual tuner?
I saw they now have some digital cards as well. Maybe interesting to use this in combination with TV vlaanderen ?? Anybody got experience with this ?

KDE 4 dolphin

As most of you know, KDE 4 got released. Jos Henri pointed to a website helping out installing it on ubuntu. I gave it a go, the screenshots of it looked pretty cool.

The file-explorer reminded me of the finder in Mac and it works the same way. I started it up and it works in my gnome environment, probably I’ll start using this instead of krusader and nautilus. Or at least try it for a while to get a better opinion about it. I really didn’t get why nobody wrote the columns view in nautilus. Maybe in the next version?

I’m also planning on installing the full KDE4 environment on my laptop to see it working with full bling bling 🙂