Ubuntu gutsy + Google Calendar

This weekend I upgraded my main desktop from Feisty to Gutsy. It went pretty smooth I have to admit. Just click upgrade and it works as it supposed. I had installed the Ubuntu Studio theme and that got upgraded too. When my X came back up I was really amazed, I had to remember to close my jaw.
I really like the gray theme I have now. It’s much more clearer than the former one. (I could have switched to another one, but didn’t want too 🙂 )

I also noticed they ditched Gaim and switched to Pidgin. I was using it already on my F7 and works perfect with my 2 hotmail,1 google and 1 jabber account 😛

Another thing I really like is that nautilus now has the Documents,Photos,… folders in the main opendialog-form.

I have to conclude it feels like another successful iteration of the Gnome desktop and Ubuntu distro!

On planet gnome I saw this article. In the feature list it states

• Viewing default calendar
• Creating/modifying/deleting the appointments

Hubba hubba, /me wants this for his desktop. I use Google Calendar all the time. My girlfriend even uses it. I still have to find a better Calendar web application! I even get notified by SMS.
At the moment I just import it as a read only calendar, so getting the other CUD features is … … SWEET