As I don’t check my comments a lot (they are full of spam) I did check them and filtered out the spam. It seems there are people reading my blog \o/ !!!

On my linux PDA phone someone pointed me to It does seem like an interesting product. I contacted them asking about compatibility with Belgium and about prices. I hope to get an answer. There os is using a linux 2.6 kernel and QTopia is there GUI framework. Don’t know if QTopia is really fully opensource but its prolly more opensource than the IPhone will ever be 🙂

In another comment someone posted the following:

Linux has broken through ages ago. Only the sheep haven’t noticed yet.

While I consider projects like Ubuntu and GNOME and KDE to be dangerous to the progress of Linux, they do contribute to the success of Linux in that they bring sheep over who will eventually realize the full potential of Linux and start using it normally.

What I meant with my blog entry was if Linux will break through in the mass market desktop space. IMHO it only has when you go into the local computershop or local GB or … and you can buy a computer with a Linux preinstalled. In Belgium I haven’t seen it yet.
Another measurement are the sheep if you say microsoft or windows to a sheep they know what you mean. Many of my friends are sheep and if I talk about Linux they don’t have clue what I’m talking about.

I measure the break throught of linux using these 2 items among us geeks Linux indeed has broken through ages ago (I’m using it +10 years know and you don’t here me complain 🙂 ). And it’s definitely here to stay no question about that, but the general public doesn’t have a clue (yet).