Ubuntu getting momentum

Today I joined a small Java user group meeting. We discussed DWR and GWT. I already had investigated a bit both toolkits, I even used DWR in an application for a customer. The session still was interesting, although I knew most things. But there was one thing that was remarkable. Last time this user group was held, I was the only one who actually was using Linux on a daily basis (all my systems here are on Ubuntu, all my servers are running some flavor of Linux).

But today it seemed that more guys switched to Ubuntu. They preferred it over Windows. Okay, I know these guys are also programmers, and have some level of geekness. But they weren’t using it half a year ago, so there is momentum. Maybe not yet as mainstream as we would like, but Rome wasn’t build in a day either. And hey you can bet if a friend of these guys asks him to help him with computer trouble they will start advising Ubuntu over Windows. I can’t even count the number of computers I had to fix due to some kind of spy-ware. And I really am getting sick of it, and so will these guys probably.


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