Bejug ??? Why would I ???

Today I received an email from Javapolis. They were starting advertising the upcoming new Javapolis event. On the site they also mentioned there new Javapolis DVD that was available for purchase. I noticed this was an effort from Bejug. So I got interested as I’m a Java developer 🙂

Now what do you get for paying 100 euro’s to join the Bejug. They have 3 workshops per year and … Well nothing actually. You still have to pay for Javapolis and for SpringOne. Please people explain me, why would I join??? If I compare it to the Linux User Group in Leuven, they have 2 workshops a month and you pay 10 euro’s a month.
I would rather start my own Jug and do the same as the Lug of Leuven. Anybody up for it ?