Last week at work I give synergy a go. It was really amazing. What does this do? Well very simple like most geeks I have different computers (laptops and pcs). I have several screens, what I could do is do a vnc,rdp,… to use the other desktop or I could just synergy. On my work I have to use a windows xp pro, on my laptop I’m running a ubuntu dapper. Between the 2 is a small network, I started a synergy server on my win box and started the client on my linux box. I configured it, telling my windows machine is right from my linux and my linux is on the left of my windows.

Now when I move my mouse on my windows machine the the left and off the screen it appears on my linux box. I can now share the same keyboard I’m using for my windows on my linux box, it even does clipboard sharing. So if you use a lot of computers, check this out!!