The past years I’ve been living together with 3 friends. We rented a house in Kessel-Lo (near leuven). As of today the I’m renting a small appartment, it’s on the Diestsesteenweg (behind the train station in Leuven). It’s a new appartment, this weekend we painted the bedroom and the kitchen. Still to do is the livingroom,hall,storage and my office. At first I’ll be living in it mostly alone as my girlfriend still is studying in Hasselt, she will be joining me after her studies or if she misses me to much still this year. Who knows 🙂

One of the things I hope to accomplish with living alone is to get some spare time for doing some opensource development. At the moment all of my time goes into my own company and driving to work. When everything is finished I’m willing to ‘host’ some hacking evenings for those people who are interested, I’ll mention it over here. Who knows maybe it grows to some great Belgian event 🙂