Mono in rawhide

Finally the day has come, but you already knew this, right?

I for one am 100% behind the mono project. Why, well in my opinion it will open the door to a lot of new developers on the market. Let’s face it, there are a lot of companies who have invested in custom developped applications, these applications are mostly written for the microsoft platform. But a lot of companies are migrating their solutions to newer technologies, be it dotnet or java or …

If the developers were smart enough to just just the default libraries and nog use any com wrappers, it shouldn’t be to difficult to port their new solutions to linux.

Okay, it isn’t as simple as that off course, but it makes it more simple than porting a c# app to ansi C or python. Let me rephrase that, you won’t have to rewrite all your code. Maybe this will persuade some more companies to invest in linux development (mono) because they can still use it on their windows system while they are migrating.

I’m really curious if this is going to make a shift somewhere. I hope so, can’t wait to turn this freaking ms workstation into a gnome desktop!! Be it FC, ubuntu, Novel desktop,… as long as its a linux and if its gnome, even beter!

setting up chroot scp on my xen

Yesterday I tried to install a chroot scp/sftp on my xen, first of the script failed because it couldn’t find my (a like) file. By looking in the script I found out, it checked against some possible candidates.

I’m running a debian in my xen, but also at home and at home the script ran without a glitch. So finding out which candidate was the good one, I came a cross a file like /lib/, using dpkg –search if found out this file was in the libc6 package.

So in my xen I did a dpkg -L libc6 en there it was the file was called something different, so making a link (ln -s /lib/… it now seemed to work.

However when I logged in a test account using winscp, I got a lot of errors. But these errors will have to wait for the next night.

also in my todo, finding out what libc6 does, don’t know the package.