setting up chroot scp on my xen

Yesterday I tried to install a chroot scp/sftp on my xen, first of the script failed because it couldn’t find my (a like) file. By looking in the script I found out, it checked against some possible candidates.

I’m running a debian in my xen, but also at home and at home the script ran without a glitch. So finding out which candidate was the good one, I came a cross a file like /lib/, using dpkg –search if found out this file was in the libc6 package.

So in my xen I did a dpkg -L libc6 en there it was the file was called something different, so making a link (ln -s /lib/… it now seemed to work.

However when I logged in a test account using winscp, I got a lot of errors. But these errors will have to wait for the next night.

also in my todo, finding out what libc6 does, don’t know the package.

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