content management / knowledge tree

At the moment I’m using kris his way to take notes (docbook style), and I’m using cvs to keep track of them (and also the versioning is actually nice). But because I also have to make Open Office documents (for offers,SLA,invoices,…) my cvs is getting poluted with binary stuff (I know, open office is actually xml, but the .odt file is a zip with the xml in, I’m really nog going to take it out and update it manually!!)

I always wanted to have a good content managent, let me rephrase that, document management system. But I never found one I liked. They were almost always web based and had no integration with the os itself. Well I think I may have found a project that does exactly what I want. its called jlibrary and I’m going to give it a go tonight. It’s based on the eclipse framework, so it’s platform independent but with the gui of the desktop your using.

So let’s hope it’s exactly what I hope, if so. I’ll also be putting all my knowledge documents in there, and start using it as a knowledge tree also. I know there are a lot of people out there looking for a good knowledge tree, well maybe this will fit your needs? I’m not sure yet, but I assume they work with a local cache, or I hope so, otherwise I’ve found the next thing I’m going to patch, shouldn’t be all to difficult.

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