Today someone told me, you always come back to money and cars, talk more about hacking would ya. Well actually I know that I talk about this a lot but there is a good reason for this. I’m 26 years old and counting, my girlfriend and I have been together for over 2 years now, next year is here last year at college. After she finishes she’ll move in with me and we’ll start saving for our own litlle house with a garden. That was the only requirement she had.
So I started counting, I have been working for over 4 years full time and during my collega I did summer jobs and after school I helped in small software firms. Building php3 applications (those were the days 🙂 ). As I’m not the big spender I do have some savings my girlfriend however (as every student) has little savings.

We agreed that in the future we would have 2 kids, and that I would get my own little office in our house. That makes a 4 bedroom house, nobody likes commuting to work but I will have to do it, that’s no problem at all but how long my commute will take is the question. Will I buy a house where they still are cheap and commute for nearly 3 hours every day or spend some more money and commute only 1 hour a day, hmm though question. But now comes the point I wanted to make, if at the moment you want to buy a small house with 4 bedrooms and a small garden, well that’s gonna cost you easily 200.000 €. Well I for one don’t have that money, so I started looking at loans. Well let’s say you leand 180.000 € (you don’t want to blow all your savings!!) well that comes down to over 1200 € a month for 20 years. Kinda makes me sad. Well blaming me about talking to much about money is the same as blaming me about thinking about my future!!! So first things first, I’ll be putting my self on the (hopefully) right track to the future my girlfriend and I want, once I’m on that track I promise I’ll be my old self again and I’ll be talking about coding day and night. And that’s a promise I’m not going to brake, So don’t worry I’m not going to become a suite. Maybe from the outside I’ll be wearing one, but hey it’s easier to influences from the inside and you musn’t judge people on how they look, right?! Yes right!!!

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