Spiderman 3, what I saw in the trailer

This morning I found this in my mailbox, as I was/am a big comic fan I had to check it out. The sound started and I was already sold, I’m such a softy for that kind of movies. Still have to wait a year until it comes out 🙁
A couple of weeks ago I was actually telling my girlfriend about this movie, I had read somewhere that they had chosen the lizard as spidermans opponent for the third release. I told here it was actually a bad choice, there were so many more arch enemies they could have chosen. I told here the best choice they could have made was Venom as that one is the story I like the most, well guess what they started that story in the third version. If I’m not mistaken I saw the guy how will become venom and in the trailer there were also some glimpses of the symbiont that plays the leading role in the venom story.
Off course there were some actual enemies in the trailer: sandman,green goblin (reincarnated as the son of the original, however no lizzard, hmmm strange. Anybod got some more info?

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