Continuous Integration

As the first deployment has gone to it’s dot O pains I had some time to setup a nice continious integration environment. As the application I redesigned had been working for a couple of years, and mine probably will 2 continious integration is almost a must.

In the past I already had read some books on this matter, and in those cases they mostly opted for cruiscontrol , an opensource framework (ffcourse). So yesterday I did the setup, except setting up the automatic checkout from CVS everything wen’t flawless. Except some usecases that weren’t up to date with the data in the db. (I know, I can use dbunit for doing that, but don’t think that’s necessary).

Today I’ll be fixing my testcases, as I only ran the fast ones for a while (as the whole testsuite took much to long). Well with this in place I can sleep more safely 🙂 Now subscribe to the RSS feed and off we go! I forgot how nice it is to have an environmnt in your back that checks everything you ever wrote. So for you peepz who don’t know what I’m talking about, go read up on it!!!

PS as On my work I’m on a win machine, I’m giving flock a go, this is blogged using flock so i’m rather interested in the result 🙂

Blogged with Flock

A screenshot :


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