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This evening I downloaded the asterisk @ home vmware file. You just run it in your free vmware player (not opensource (yet)), point your nice firefox to the admin module and install the extra features, setup your extensions, conference rooms and off you go! Its much easier than setting it up on a xen debian, no editing in config files. You’ld prolly still want to know how his works but this asterisk @ home project has really made setting up a voip server easy!!

So I wanted to connect my ekiga to the voip but because I was already running skype I got problems with my sound. The friendly folks over at #ekiga on gimpnet point me to this wiki entry. Now I did create the .asoundrc file but when I moved it to another file everything still kept working. I rather suspect that you only have to modify the ekiga in and output, so setting them to default should have done the trick. I found out that I actually have to move the file otherwise the multisound doesn’t work!

I wanted to try the sounds together, so I wanted to fire up xmms, but hmm that’s so old school, right?! Well I’m pro-mono and I know Aaron is doing one hell of a job at the banshee project. As I understand it, it will be the first opensource (gnome)application that can ship with the mp3 codec build in. They didn’t use the one of the gpl version and therefor they could ship it. What really caught my eye was the speed at witch in loads the mp3z from my harddisk. When I clicked the same folder in rythmbox the app didn’t react, banshee show a nice progressbar and I could still move the window. I don’t know why, but it seems that the sound quality between xmms and banshee is also totally different. Banshee sounds much purer, don’t know if that souds normal, I’ve asked it on the channel but haven’t got any answers yet. The guys over at novell are realling going fast, they have produced some really amazing appz in a very short period of time (banshee,beagle,f-spot,… and diva is coming, WOOT!!) I’m a happy (mono) camper!!
The guys over at #mono doubted that this was actually possible, but hey I konw what I’m hearing.

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