First sip conversation on my asterisk box

Yesterday evening pvanhoof was so friendly to join me in a friendly voip session. We used my asterisk setup in a xen environment. First we had some problems with connecting and after some small audio issues everything worked. We were both using Ekiga, I also tried xten lite but the audio wasn’t that clear maybe after some tweaking it would have worked. But my preference goes out to Ekiga because its opensource and the maintainer is belgium. The little patriot in me 😀

Pvanhoof also found out why I got those strange errors when I used lsmod and everything that had something todo with kernel modules. My thougts were that it was a xen problem, after pvanhoof searched a bit he found on kerneltrap that the problem was the package module-init-tools it wasn’t installed. So now that’s fixed 2. Still have to install the ztdummy module but it seems you have to compile this from source, so now I’m looking for the kernel headers. So this weekend will become a googling eastern for me 😀

If you would like to give my asterisk box a go, just ping me and I’ll be happy to setup an extension for you! And if I get the meetme up and running I’ll start a conference call with all the extensions 😀

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