I’ve been very busy lately, but fortunately the soccer season has come to an end and I’ve got some more time.

Well I’ve managed to get an asterisk server up and running in our xen machine. Almost that is, person 2 person and mailbox are working but I’ve got a problem with the conference setup. I always get that darn Zaptel error, that in combination with running a xen vm and therefor a custom kernel isn’t what I’ld call a ideal setup, but I’ll manage. 😀

If there are people out there who have already done such a setup, give me call out what you did to fix it. If there are people reading this who have done this and connected the asterisk pbx with a real phone line (for Belgium) provided by a third party (packetnet or something) please leave a note, I’m looking into the available providers for this kind of service. I haven’t found that many I must say and all extra information would be great. On the other hand, I could also connect an ordinay pstn (at my home) to a local asterisk setup and all problems would be gone :), hmmm, neah, try to fix the xen setup.

I’ll keep you posted how its going.

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