Software patents kinda suck

Today in the car I had a funny thought, justed wanted to share it with the world 🙂

I was listening to an old javaposse podcast, they were talking about creative’s patent and how they were going after apple with thei r Ipod.
Now okay, I know software pantents can be good in some situations, but it’s really getting out of hand in the US.
I was thinking about how pantents would effect other sectors.

Just imagine it, patents in soccer or basketball or any other sport. I would just destroy it. You wanted to fool you opponent with a trick and you just happend to use a trick somebody had pattented, you were into a lot of trouble. Every game would be analysed and all the good players would have to give up all of their money because the used a lot of tricks they had seen on tv when they were a child.

Okay, I know I’m being stupid and silly, but hey just look at what everybody’s doing with the patents at the moment. Its really getting out of hand if you ask me. I really wonder how all of this is going to end.

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