windows vista delayed = Mr Smith

You prolly saw it in the news but windows vista is delayed. My first reaction was, So what, that has happened before, right!? Well guess I was wrong, yesterday evening I was watching CNN and there was a big report on this event. They were questioning Microsofts competence, questions like

  • have they lost their position?
  • can’t they do something easy like an operating system?
  • Are they going under because the company is just to big

The stock of microsoft were already starting to lose ground, it was even taking down big companies like dell with them. So Mr. Dell if you read this, start your linux assembly line please (stop saying it, just do it!!) 😀
They also pointed out that because Microsoft wouldn’t get it out before christmas they would lose all the revenue that came with the christmas sales and that would be a great setback.
I also heared on my podcast (where else) that IBM wouldn’t be switching to vista, but would turn their whole company to redhat (or fedora don’t know exactly). Just imagine that all those fortune 500 companies would do that, first off that would give microsoft a real backset. Secondly they would probably use openoffice, so If they would send a document into the world it would be a pdf or openoffice document type. So every customer of them would have to download openoffice to open and edit/read it. Just imagine the snowball effect this (w)could have. These are exciting times I kinda feel like the first matrix flick when neo is becoming The One, I for one am quite sure that linux is The One (kinda lost all my selfrespect of not being a total geek by this last sentence, but one cannot deny his true self, right?!)

Well maybe the shot we have with the new gnome and kde desktops is bigger than everybody is hoping for. I sure hope gnome will get further than has been planned, I’m really pleased with the outcome of the 2.14 version. It’s really blazing fast, I don’t have Xgl turned on all the time because my hardware isn’t fully supported yet, but even with Xgl on its fast (sometimes even looks faster with xgl turned on than off :D)

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