working at google sounds nice

I went to fosdem as I said, heared some good talks, on of them was the talk of Jon Trowbridge. He’s really hilarious, the one joke that stayed with me all this time, wasn’t really a joke but an anecdote.
As you might know, Jon stopped working at novel and went to google. He couldn’t say much about his job, but he did say this:

If there’s one reason why you should come work for google it would be that every developer get’s 2 24 ” tft’s to program on!! If I come home my 21 ” tft seems so small!

Now why don’t all managers think like that? That’s why I would never buy a laptop with 1024×786 resolution, once you’re used to programming on a bigger resolution, or even worse dual screen your really stuck. That is, if you use it the right way. Have your documentation,UML model, DB,… open in you other screen and are developping in your current screen. There are off course better reasons why it’s handy …
Okay I know, everything you can do with a dual screen or high resolution you can do on a small resolution 2, but hey I’m a geek and I like to do geeky things! 😀

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