DWR call count is not a number

For all our applications we use pretty much the defacto standards. For us DWR is also a defacto standard for doing AJAX with a JEE backend. Like many of our applications we can’t dictate what type of browser the customer should use, so we have to check all browsers. So during the last sprint we checked it on all versions of ie, no problems. We deployed and one of our main testers create a defect ticket.

In the ticket he described the application as always creating alerts with the description call count is not a number . He used ie7, you would expect this from ie6 but not from ie7. However off course other users with ie7 didn’t have this issue. After some googling this seemed related to DWR, however we couldn’t really find the cause for the problem. However we did find a workaround for the issue.

We added this small piece of code

<script type=”text/javascript”>
function errH(msg){}


This might not be the best solution, but after losing quite some time this was the preferred solution

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