Fonts in Gnome

A couple of weeks ago I complained about the font size in gnome. After some fooling around in my menu settings I found a small little tweak.

System -> Preferences -> Appearance

You’ll see a dialog with a couple of tabs. Choose the Fonts tab and click on the Details button. I changed my Resolution to 84 dots per inch. I’m using a dual 24″ TFT setup and looks much nicer. The fonts look more crispy and the whole desktop just feels nicer to play with.

On a side note for the hosting and colo side of our company we bought a new NAS. I asked the reseller to install an Openfiler on it. It is now fully configured and is already being used to backup all of our systems. I first had some trouble with the setup of the LDAP but now it works. So if you need a free nice NAS solution go ahead and check it out.

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