thank you Iphone

This morning there was a strike in Belgium. The nice people forgot to mention that they would also do road blocks. It took me 4 hours and 30 minutes to drive to work. Normally it takes me 1 hour and 10 minutes. (I leave at 5.30) so this morning I arrived at 10 o’clock.

2 weeks ago I received my Iphone. I used TubeTV to download some videos from the google channel (e.g. the html5 stuff) they got converted to Iphone format and I had uploaded it. So during my +4 hour drive I watched some episodes of hak5 and also the html5 google video . I can tell you one thing, I am glad I bought the IPhone. There are still some pieces that could be better (sending text messages amongst others) but having a multimedia device in your pocket is really nice (If only nokia had given the linux tablet a phone, I would have bought it a long time ago but I’m really not going to stuff a mobile phone and pda in my pants!)

I know openmoko is going pretty well but from what I understood, making a phone call isn’t always without problems so that’s really not an option as primary phone!

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  1. Nonsense, If you really mean what you say in your post than i would suggest downloading the news on your iphone or surfing to some newspaper sites. Its in the news for more then a week that there is gonna be a strike and major traffic jams were expected, claiming that you did not know makes me believe you spent the last week on mars somewhere under a rock!
    Not that I approve the strike or was part of it, but you could see it coming …
    And a tip: on your iphone try or on your pc at home have a look at, These sites have saved me lots of traffic jams.

  2. What, you stuff Hak5 in your pants! O.o

    But seriously that’s awesome, and thanks for the linky on HTML5. Damn, I need to catch up. Are we supposed to close our BR statements now?

    Wait, what, I shouldn’t be using BR and invisible gifs anymore? Nevermind πŸ˜‰


    Darren Kitchen

  3. @Ghosty

    I did know there was going to be a strike of all public transport. But doing a strike doesn’t mean performing road blocks on important roads and hurting everybody. This is a big difference! A bit back they also performed some strikes, but they didn’t block the important roads so the car traffic took longer but you still could get through.

    And verkeerscentrum is one of my bookmarks. So I knew there was a traffic jam. But if you block all roads to where you work, what should you do?

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