A good reason to switch to java 1.5 (tiger)

I was just reading something about jboss serialization and in the requirements was jdk1.5 and a link. So curious as I am, I went to look ath the link, it was a bug from sun’s implementation of the jvm. I read it, and was really amazed.

read it yourself and be amazed!

It made me wonder, I almost always develop in vm languages and You know the meaning of all the words and how they influence your program but if actually your just dependent of the vm you are running on. If that has a bug, your app 2 has a bug (if your out of luck).

So why do I use it:

Why, well because that’s what I learned and I can develop the fastest in them because of the nice intellisense of the IDE’s :$ And because I like the OO principles off course, okay I could use C++ to, but sorry at the moment there’s not so much marker for C++ developpers as there is for C# and java devs.

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