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Dag and have been talking about comments and tracebacks.

I myself use WordPress and also get a lot of SPAM in my comments, be it traceback or actual comments. But WordPress has the Askimet plugin, you can run it over your pending comments and the SPAM will be mostly filtered out. Don’t you have that feature for Drupal?? Kinda hard to believe it’s not available.

Anyone comments about using WordPress or Drupal. I want to make the switch as I’m somewhat of a patriot and want a new Blog to play with 🙂

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  1. There is an Akismet plugin for Drupal (and other antispam plugins are also available), but the problem is the trackback module itself, as I already explained to Frank on my blog.
    About Drupal vs WordPress: if you want a simple blog and don’t need anything more, you might as well keep WordPress. Drupal is much better off course ;-), but you’ll only notice that if you want to get more out of your site.

  2. Hey

    If you’re just going to be using it as a blog site I recommend to keep on using WordPress. Drupal takes way too long to set-up correctly and doesn’t supply near as much easy-editing tools as WordPress.

    I’m still using WordPress and I’m still loving it. Akismet > *
    We’re also running drupal on which is nice for such sites.

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