Asterisk problems

A couple of months ago I upgraded my trixbox to 2.2. I now had the problem that when I called out or someone called in, as soon as the other party answered the call was disconnected. While tracing asterisk with the -gccc option I didn’t find any trace of errors. Today I finally got 10 minutes to spare and got reminded that this feature wasn’t working.

After tracing with -gcc and also the asterisk system log file I got this error message :

Unable to find a codec translation path from g729 to ulaw

After googling it , I was reminded that g729 was actually not installed by default and that you needed to purchase it. So in my config I removed that codecs from my allowed entries. After testing it a couple of times it now seems to work again. So back to happy asterisking 🙂

Reason why I got reminded was that a friend asked what this new Oracle product was, he said it was something like Asterisk. So after checking it out, it seems to be more like a full Communication Server (like the Windows product). But then again, there is probably also an Asterisk version where you can have video conferencing,… (the integration with SugarCRM is already available …)

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