Stupid Sabbam, paying for listening to the radio?

Am I the only one who finds this utterly stupid?

(For those who don’t understand dutch. In Belgium companies who have the radio turned on inside their companies (to make it a bit more pleasant for their employees) will have to pay.)

I still don’t fuly understand how this all fits together. Sabbam stated that if you play music in public you have to pay. So if my friends and family come over for a nice barbeque, I’ll have to pay them? If you will are carpooling, will you have to pay?

How does radio fit in here? If we will have to pay for everything we want to listen to. Why would I even listen to the radio then? I can find enought content under a opensource license. At the moment I hardly listen to the radio anymore, when I’m driving to work I always listen to my podcasts. The music business is a very strange thing if you think about it. They idea is that they want to sell as much as possible, right? They use the radio stations as advertising their media, face it if radio didn’t exist the music industrie would be much smaller. But now they even want you to pay for the advertising they do???? This is uterly insane, I know some of these things are also true for TV but … I find that employees and employers should do something about this, let’s all just stop buying music for 2 months, stop listening to the radio for 2 months, stop going to concerts,… just stop everything that gives the music industrie and sabbam money. Anybody with me?