Selenium webtesting

For my current project I already have a lot of testcases (off course). In the beginning I also had some webtests but these weren’t really what I wanted. Today I finally succeeded in performing full roundtrip testcases with Selenium. I first recorded some testcases with the IDE plugin, I exported these testcases to Java and started experimenting with the code.

After a short coding marathon I had created several tests. A user logs in, performs some actions and logs out. Another user logs in, picks up the actions from the first user and completes the actions. A real ping pong game like the real application should work. I see the firefox windows open, fields getting filled,buttons getting clicked,… it’s as if a user is really performing all these actions on my computer.

I still have to integrate this with my Hudson builds. I’m not yet 100% sure how this will work as my Hudson is running inside a Tomcat that’s running as the System user. This might cause some problems, maybe I should run my tomcat from the console …? I’ll keep you posted.

I actually wonder how other environments like dotnet,php,ruby perform these tasks? Do they have a build in tool for performing reall web tests?