I always found it a pitty I hadn’t ordered a Nokia 770, I’m still considering getting one, but they cost a lot of money, if they had a built in cellular, I’ld probably had one by now. But wait what’s this, hmm a newer version coming up. Definitely got to keep my eyes on this one. O Wait, one of those guys is coming to FOSDEM if I’m not mistaken, hmmm. Maybe ask a question about it??? Sounds like a plan! 😀

Hmmm in the same category is this item , what’s sweet is the little additional comment about gnome. 😛
I’m still waiting for the first real cellular with PIM functionality running linux!! Does anybody know one? Give me comment would ya? thnx

Bad week

Don’t you sometimes know, you’re gonna have a bad week? Well I do, and I’m going to get one now. I bought all the components for a new computer to sell to a friend. First of he had to week more than a month because the stupid supplier couldn’t ship the ligthscribe dvd burner, I got sick of it and bought one myself.

Sunday evening I started putting the computer together, I booted and all seemed normal except I didn’t get see the BIOS, hmm that’s strange, unscrewed the motherboard and all the components placed only cpu, cooler, memory and graphics card in there, same thing, hmmm very strange. Okay removed every component, even cpu and cooler checked the contacts of the cpu, put all back together, no luck, tried other videocards I had lying around but always the same.
Monday evening tried it again, I had to be at my friends house at 8, would I get there in time? Nope, still same problem. Pfff, I called my friend and told him, that probably 1 of the 3 major components was broken and it would probably take another month to deliver them. So he could best just forget about this computer and order one from another store, otherwise he would have had to wait over 2 months to deliver a computer.

Lessons learned from this?? Hmmm always have a small stock in house 🙂 So my next invoice will probably contain some cpu’s,mobo’s,mem’s and graphics cards. I already made a small calculation and all seems possible, but still have to check with my accounted.

Not much programming the last couple of days, except off course in my day job. But that’s not to hard, the base platform is finished, all the needed services,dao’s are in place and the first product has been implemented in the struts layer, now final tweaks and first deployment.