Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training

As I’m a geek and I want to keep my brain fit, I bought a nintendo DS. Actually for 1 purpose, to do brain training. I’ve got it 3 days and according to the game my brain is already 30 years younger. I’m now 28. Not to bad if you ask me, but it will get better.

How does it work, actually very simple. Dr Kawashima is a doctor at some university in china or japan and he investigated brain activity. His experiments showed that doing small calculations and other kind of excercises increased the brain activity. He created a program that does these excercises. Afterwards it calculates your ‘brain age’, the funny thing is that you actually notice that your brain reacts quicker doing after doing those excercises, probably you just focus more on the excercise or something but it still is nice that you can train to become ‘smarter’.

For all the geeks out there who are also interested in training their brain, try it or something like it (I found some look a likes for windows mobile), and let me know if it works for you 2.

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