Eat your own dogfood

Well yesterday I told someone, I mostly use the eat your own dogfood rule. Well for most parts I really do that, but today I had to use our webinterface for sending mails. Well we are using roundcube and because I mostly use rich client appz, evolution and thunderbird I haven’t used roundcube that much. Well as I already mentioned today I had to and boy do I hate it now. At first it seems really nice and smooth, you have drag and drop, everything is ajax (buzzword alert!!) nice nice nice. I wrote a mail +60 lines, I hit the send button and I got the alert your session has timed out!!!! Okay hit the back button nothing, again back, still nothing. After hitting that back button like a maniak I realized I had to rewrite my email and believe me that sucks!!! I pulled up my scite editor wrote it in there and copy pasted it into roundcube.

So task for this evening, setup squirrel and imp mail. Maybe even try the new jboss callobaration stuff as the vidcast seemed nice. To bad you have to have the new flash 9 beta installed.

So all suggestions for other good webmail clients are welcome!!

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