Anybody know these kind of child friendly organisations?

Today I recieved a phone call. A woman called me asking if I would like to support their organisation, this was a one time only offer. They were helping young children who had a special disease and who couldn’t afford the medicine. She had prepared a whole text that she was rambling like an idiot. In the end she asked me if I would like to sponsor them. I replied “No” … Why you may ask, well this exact same lady called me a couple of months ago with exactly the same text, exactly the same offer but only for another organisation. At that time I asked here to send me all the data by mail and I would read it and she could call me back. It struck me when I saw the mail, the sender was something callcentre antwerp.

I started thinking, well if you have a callcentre and are in financial troubles. You could always start an organisation for helping children (who doesn’t want to give some money to children in need?!) You then start calling people (bussines people who can deduct the costs) and ask them to support your ideas. With all the money you raised you deduct your costs and some profit and the rest you give to a real organisation who helps the children. Sounds like a way you could easily start a bussines and even make a big profit.

The first time I gave them money. That time it was for children who had cancer and they wanted to grant them one wish. As my father died from cancer 4 years ago, this touched me and I gave them some money. But when she called me today I was rather angry. If these organisations really work like I suspect them to work, how can you do bussines like this. I explained here the story and told here that she talked to me for another organisation and instead of handing here the money, I would rather give it to an organisation I know. Or sponsor somebody I really know and care about and who has an expensive illness. Almost everybody knows somebody in need so …

Does anybody out there know these kinds of organisations? Can you inform me if they really work like this or if this is just my imagination going wild?

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